Why PVD Wheels | Benefits of PVD Over Chrome Rims

June 1, 2016
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June 1, 2016 Bend Plating

Why PVD Wheels | Benefits of PVD Over Chrome Rims

In a world set on chrome, many people may ask, “Why PVD wheels instead of chrome?” There are many advantages to why PVD wheels over chrome, especially considering their similar appearance. After learning about the advantages of PVD over chrome rims, we have a feeling that wheel manufacturers will find PVD to be the stronger choice for metal finishing.

Why PVD Wheels

In appearance, PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is a high-shine powder-coat that looks very similar to chrome, but has many more advantages. Here are a few reasons on why PVD wheels are a great option instead of chrome:

  • Can weigh 2-3 pounds lighter than chrome wheels
  • PVD helps decrease rotation mass
  • Reduction in weight boosts your ability to increase speed faster
  • Great for year-round all-weather conditions
  • Require cleaning with only soap and water, typical of a normal car wash
  • Magnesium chloride and salt used in wintery conditions don’t eat away at PVD finishes
  • In the event something does happen, it’s easy and inexpensive to recoat
  • PVD wheels are manufactured with environmentally friendly products, as opposed to typical chrome plating
  • PVD typically has a longer manufacturer warranty than chrome

Often, when customers choose chrome-plated wheels, they must be removed in the winter to avoid the damaging effects of salt and magnesium chloride used to eat away at ice and snow on roads. One reason why PVD wheels have an advantage is that rims won’t have to be removed in the winter, as opposed to chrome. Additionally, many chrome plated wheel warranties only cover one to two years, while most of the time PVD is guaranteed for well over three years.

When it comes to metal finishing, you’ll never have to ask, “Why PVD wheels?” again. PVD is the clear choice for metal finishing of wheels and automotive rims due to the environmentally friendly production process, vehicle performance capabilities and their ability to hold up in extreme winter weather conditions.

Learn more about PVD coating for wheels by contacting Bend Plating today. We offer chrome colored PVD coating for automotive wheels and can answer any of your production and manufacturing questions.

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    • Dear Walter,

      PVD is the process of vaporizing metal and allowing these particles to condense and cool onto parts, forming a thin crystallized metal coating on surface of the parts. If you PVD over paint, you may succeed in changing the appearance of the part. However, the corrosion resistance of the part and the longevity of the finish will only be as good as the paint underneath. Adhesion (getting PVD to stick to the part) may also be an issue depending on the properties of the paint. Additionally, PVD is a transparent coating and any luster or gloss will be determined by the gloss and polish of the underlying material. At Bend Plating, we typically PVD over chrome electroplate or polished, brushed, or matte steel for a beautiful lifetime finish in a variety of colors such as black, gold, bronze, nickel, and graphite.

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