PVD coatings

PVD Coatings

Physical vapor deposition is also referred to as PVD. PVD provides a thin, durable, corrosion resistant metallic coating in a variety of colors.  Where paint can provide a five year finish, PVD can provide a lifelong finish.  Bend Plating’s PVD coatings are perfect for a number of industries including: aerospace, auto, medical, and more. PVD is an environmentally friendly coating process. Therefore, it is free from hazardous byproducts. PVD provides stunning decorative finishes with strong corrosion and wear resistance.

Bend Plating uses a Zirconium based PVD process.  Our standard production colors are black, gold, and nickel.  Custom colors and color matching is available, as well as PVD Research and Development.

Metal Polishing

Bend Plating employs robotic, manual and automatic metal polishing processes to achieve your production goals. From hand polishing for products requiring detailed craftsmanship to robotic polishing for large orders that require a uniform and easy to replicate decorative finish, Bend Plating can help you choose the best finishing and polishing solutions for your needs.

Bend Plating employs high quality abrasive materials with experience polishing artisans.  We are capable of matching texture and grain up to and including full mirror polish.


Electroplating is an electrochemical process for depositing a thin layer of metal on a conductive base. Electroplated objects can avoid corrosion and take on the look of high quality metals in a variety of textures.  We have specialized in electroplating for 35+ years and we can offer large volume finishes for numerous applications.

Bend Plating is capable of electroplating Nickel, Chrome (CR6), Copper, and 24K Gold.  Acceptable substrate materials include Steel, Zinc, Copper, Brass, and pre-plated plastics.  

PVD coatings


Textured coatings range from fine matte sand finishes on jewelry to aggressive non-slip textures. Texturing softens the look of the metal and hides fingerprints for easy cleaning.  Bend Plating uses only the highest quality abrasive materials and equipment for consistent results every time.  Results are ensured through operator expertise and precise profilometer roughness measurements.

Weld Repair

Bend Plating offers cosmetic weld contouring and repair as well as grinding and contouring of welds before polishing.  This allows us to correct fabrication errors or re-work a production process on site, without sending discrepant material back to the customer.  Bend Plating can also relive the burden of post-weld grinding and pre-polishing preparations from customers operating with “lean” manufacturing concepts or temporary shortfalls in these capabilities.

Robotic Polishing

We pride ourselves on performance and innovation. Only one out of ten metal plating shops across the country offer polishing services. Of the shops that do offer metal polishing services, only about 10% these utilize robots and automated polishing techniques. That puts Bend Plating in the Top One Percent of all metal finishing companies when it comes to polishing capability.  It’s no surprise that automated polishing is faster and can be repeated with uniform results.

At Bend Plating, we build and maintain our own tooling with on-site machining.  Additional, we are capable of on-site programming for rapid reaction to new products or production changes allowing customers lower lead times and optimal results.

Flat Stock Polishing

Bend Plating offers automated flat stock polishing for short runs and prototypes. Because approximately one out of ten metal plating shops offer polishing services, we are set apart from other metal processing shops. Especially considering the wide variety of metal polishing services we offer.

Decorative Plating

Our state-of-the-art metal finishing facility offers decorative PVD and electroplate options on a variety of substrates and textures.  PVD production options are available for electroplated steel, stainless steel, and pre-plated platics.  Production PVD colors include black, gold, and nickel.  Decorative electroplate options include 24K Gold, Chrome, Copper, Nickel and Shadow Nickel. 

Color matching and production research and development are available for companies working through design and development considerations.  Our engineers can help improve product design and production processes to ensure your metal finishes are appropriate, affordable, and capable of consistently meeting or exceeding design standards.

Low Temp AVD

Bend Plating offers low-temperature arc vapor deposition (LTAVD). This is a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process operated at lower temperature for temperature sensitive substrates.  Bend Plating is capable of LTAVD on pre-plated plastics or other temperature sensitive parts.  Not every substrate is compatible with PVD, so call Bend Plating to discuss your project with experience engineers today.  

R&D and Prototype Services

Our rapid prototype and development work includes metal polishing, surface preparation, electroplating, and PVD coating. Other metal plating shops may require large runs and high minimum order quantities. However, Bend Plating can accommodate short run and rapid prototype production.  These services have helped numerous global industry leaders validate production processes and finish characteristics prior to large investments in supply chain modifications and re-tooling operations.

Bend Plating can also provide R&D services to optimize coatings for your specific product. We employ state of the art quality control tools and measurement devices to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the functional and aesthetic characteristics of our metal coatings and finishes.

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