PVD Top Coating to Change Color of Electroformed Nickel

May 4, 2016
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May 4, 2016 Bend Plating

PVD Top Coating to Change Color of Electroformed Nickel

Last month, Bend Plating announced our recent development of a process for Low Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition (LTAVD) coating on electroformed nickel products. Electroformed nickel parts and products require a very low temperature process to prevent embrittlement during the PVD top coating procedure.

The PVD top coating process developed by Bend Plating makes it possible to change the color of electroformed nickel parts for aesthetic or functional purposes with a thin film deposit.

PVD Top Coating

At Bend Plating, PVD coatings can be custom developed for most metallic colors. The following are examples of PVD top coating that can be applied:

Compound – Color Range

  • Zirconium Nitride | Gold – Nickel
  • Zirconium Carbo – Nitride | Gold – Bronze
  • Zirconium Oxide | Stainless
  • Zirconium Oxy-Carbide | Dark Grey – Bronze – Black

The thin film PVD top coating typically ranges in thickness from .25 – 1.0 microns and is deposited as a thin film coating.

Not only do electroformed nickel parts and products benefit from the durability and strength of PVD coating, they now can take on enhanced aesthetic properties as well. LTAVD and PVD top coating helps improve the look and feel of metal and plastic products by applying a colorful, metallic film on the parts. Changing the color of electroformed nickel parts helps your products stand out in a medium that has been stale for so long.

Because electroformed nickel products are more sensitive to high temperatures than other metallic materials, LTAVD and PVD coating provides a low-temperature alternative. Using the PVD top coating process, Bend Plating can bring beautiful aesthetic value to electroformed nickel products without noticeable embrittlement.

Learn more about the PVD process from Bend Plating by contacting us today. Because PVD can be custom developed for most metallic colors, we can help you achieve the decorative finish required for your electroformed nickel products.

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