PVD Coating for the Automotive Industry

May 2, 2018
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May 2, 2018 Bend Plating

PVD Coating for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry uses PVD coatings for a variety of interior and exterior components. In fact, these coatings can be used for anything from luxury automotive trim to operational parts like exhaust pipes. PVD coating is critical for the automotive industry because it helps to protect parts from rust, weather damage, and corrosion. But what is PVD coating, and how can it benefit your vehicle aside from increasing its aesthetic value? As the experts on PVD coating in Oregon, our team at Bend Plating is here to give you the rundown.

What is PVD Coating?

PVD, short for physical vapor deposition, is a method of coating that is frequently used to increase the strength and physical appearance of metal. It is characterized by a process where a material transitions from a condensed phase to a vapor phase, then back to a thin film condensed phase. This coating is often used in the manufacture of goods that require thin films for mechanical, chemical or electronic functions.

Decreased Fuel Consumption

More and more businesses today are striving to decrease their carbon footprint. The mission to lower automotive carbon emissions and decrease fuel consumption can be partially achieved with PVD coating. Both of these factors can be significantly helped by reducing friction between the rotating and sliding surfaces of automotive parts, as friction contributes substantially to the total loss of fuel energy.

According to Phys.org, a third of a car’s fuel consumption is spent overcoming friction, so this friction loss has a significant impact on fuel consumption and emissions. PVD coatings allow for smooth movement without compromising strength or longevity.

Increased Durability and Chemical Resistance

PVD Coatings can be harder and more corrosion-resistant than other coatings, including those applied by the electroplating process. PVD coatings maintain a high impact strength, high-temperature resistance, and an excellent ability to withstand abrasion. In fact, PVD coatings are so durable that protective top coats are rarely necessary. These coatings can strengthen an automotive component and protect it from chemical wear from car oil and fluids to help increase the lifespan of the part.

Bend Plating | PVD Coating in Oregon

Our skilled team at Bend Plating can help you with PVD coating in Oregon and across the country. We can assist you in choosing the perfect coatings for your project based on the automotive, motorcycle, or aftermarket parts that need finishing. Our industrial-grade coatings for decorative and operational parts offer several advantages in the automotive industry. To get a quote for your commercial project, please contact us.

Bend Plating

Bend Plating provides metal coating, plating, finishing, and polishing services for the automotive, marine, medical, dental, outdoor, sporting, aviation, music industries and more. Contact us for an estimate on your commercial project.

Comments (2)

  1. Karl Howell

    I have 4 wheels off my 2006 Corvette that the chrome plating has deteriorated. I would kike a quote on cost of PVD coating these wheels.
    Thanks, Karl

    • Dear Karl,

      Bend Plating has grown out of our “custom work” roots. We are focused on production work for industry leading companies in multiple market sectors, and are not able to offer a quote for your Corvette wheels at this time. Best regards.

      Bend Plating

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