Products That Benefit from Nickel Plating

January 16, 2019
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January 16, 2019 Mike Jetter

Products That Benefit from Nickel Plating

Nickel plating often improves the appearance of an object while enhancing resistance to corrosion and wear and tear. Here at Bend Plating, we offer nickel plating using the electroplating process. Acceptable substrates that can withstand a layer of nickel include pre-plated plastics, steel, zinc, copper, and brass. We can also mix nickel with other metals to create a versatile alloy. In order to plate with gold, a product must often be pre-plated with nickel to fill dents or scratches. Here are some example products that benefit from nickel plating:

Bumpers, Rims, Exhaust Pipes, etc.

Nickel is often plated onto automotive parts in order to protect from rust and to give it a more lustrous appearance. You can also see this type of plating on bike and motorcycle rims and trim. By plating with nickel, there is an extra layer of metal which prolongs the life of the automotive or bike part.

Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures

Items that see a lot of corrosion like lighting and plumbing fixtures benefit from a layer of nickel. Nickel can provide good conductivity, and its elevated sulfur content makes for a bright, mirror-like finish.


Electronics also benefit from an extra layer of nickel to really make it shine. Nickel provides a brilliant finish, especially when applied with bright texturing. The durability and ductility of the item improve with nickel plating.

Here at Bend Plating, we utilize electroplating to plate with nickel. This requires a chemical procedure that involves an electrical current. The item to be plated becomes the circuit cathode while the nickel becomes a soluble anode. Through electrodeposition, the metal dissolves, the ions lose their charge and then plate the object as the cathode.

Bend Plating | Nickel Plating

At Bend Plating we offer electroplating services using nickel, chrome, and 24k gold. We most commonly plate onto steel, zinc, copper, brass, and pre-plated plastics. Electroplating is our specialty, and we use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the desired look and feel of a product. Give us a call to talk about your plating project today!

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