Decorative Metal Finishing for the Outdoor and Sporting Industries.

Outdoor and sporting products such as bike components, golf clubs, motorcycle parts, firearms, and other hunting supplies such as knives have specific plating and metal finishing needs. Whether you need a finish to reduce glare or for UV and weather protection, outdoor and sporting products require high wear resistance and increased durability to prolong their lifespans.

Products used outside are regularly exposed to the elements and benefit from a corrosion resistant coating that is designed to extend lifespan without compromising aesthetics. Bend Plating offers a variety of metal finishing, polishing, coating and electroplating options for outdoor and sporting applications.

Advantages of Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings for decorative hardware or operational parts offer several advantages in the outdoor and sporting industries.

UV radiation protection

Electrical and chemical resistance

Increased durability and hardness

Can be plated to metallic and nonmetallic surfaces

Corrosion, tarnish and wear resistance

Enhanced electrical conductivity

Enhanced color and brightness

Torque tolerance

Our commitment

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