Decorative Metal Finishing for the Medical and Industries

Physical vapor deposition coatings are biocompatible, very hard, inert and non-reactive with bodily fluids, bone or tissue, making them ideal for medical and dental parts. Available in high-quality decorative finishes, PVD coatings also have a high wear resistance, prolonging the lifespan of medical and dental tools.

Advantages of Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings for decorative hardware or operational parts offer several advantages in the medical and dental industry. Bend Plating’s specialists can assist you in providing PVD solutions that address aesthetics, surface hardness, and durability necessary for medical and dental applications.

UV radiation protection

Electrical and chemical resistance

Increased durability and hardness

Can be plated to metallic and nonmetallic surfaces

Corrosion, tarnish and wear resistance

Enhanced electrical conductivity

Enhanced color and brightness

Torque tolerance

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