Bend Plating offers plating services and industrial coatings for both exterior and interior automotive, motorcycle, and aftermarket decorative hardware parts in addition to coatings for operational parts. Our decorative finishes combine a high-grade appearance with durability for rugged use and resistance against wear and tear.

Both electroplating and PVD have benefits as coatings for the automotive industry. Bend Plating can help you choose the perfect coatings for the project based on the auto, motorcycle, or aftermarket parts you need finished. Industrial coatings, whether they’re for decorative hardware parts like luxury exterior automotive trim or operational parts like exhaust pipes, offer several advantages in the automotive industry.



Electrical and chemical resistance

Increased durability and hardness

Can be plated to metallic and nonmetallic surfaces

Metal Polishing

Enhanced electrical conductivity

Enhanced color and brightness

Torque tolerance


Our superior physical vapor deposition process, or PVD, is available for many operational parts and adds to product lifespan with decreased corrosion and oxidation. Our PVD coatings range from brushed to brilliant and are available for specific applications and decorative needs in black, brass, gold, chrome, bronze, nickel and copper. Our finishes add a look of luxury and increased wear resistance to any automotive part.

Our commitment

Our commitment to our clients has kept us delivering stunning results in the gaming industry for over 35 years. Contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

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