The Latest Trend in PVD: Develop New PVD Colors

December 2, 2015
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December 2, 2015 Bend Plating

The Latest Trend in PVD: Develop New PVD Colors

What’s your favorite color? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions when getting to know someone new whether you’re five or 50. Color plays such a large role in the decision making process when you’re considering buying new products. It’s no wonder that the latest trend in PVD is new color development. Developing new PVD colors outside of the tradition metallic ranges into colors more often associated with the rainbow is hot in metal finishing.

The evolution of PVD colors to more solid, standalone colors makes sense in the grand scheme of consumer culture. The ability to customize products and differentiate with color have always been important factors when competing in a capitalistic society and also within human nature. Color draws us in, makes us feel a certain way and allows us to express our individuality.

The Race to Develop New PVD Colors

Many people and PVD coating professionals are in a race to develop the newest PVD colors. Creating new PVD colors opens up new markets. At Bend Plating, we’re in the process of creating new PVD colors to join our current lineup of metallic ones. Many of the existing colors are metallic, which, while beautiful, limit the spectrum of products that can be PVD coated.

Latest Trends:

  • Going for non-metallic, rainbow colors
  • Reds, greens, blues
  • Standalone colors that aren’t typically metallic
  • Color race is mostly aesthetic – PVD is still a strong and durable coating no matter the color

Contact Bend Plating for more information on the new PVD colors we have developed.

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