Metal Plating

Metal Plating & Polishing Under One Roof

Metal plating has been around for hundreds of years. Plating is a surface covering where metal is deposited on a conductive surface. Bend Plating is capable of electroplating Nickel, Chrome (CR6), Copper, and 24K Gold.  Acceptable substrate materials include Steel, Zinc, Copper, Brass, and pre-plated plastics.  

Our unique combination of finishing, polishing, and PVD capabilities at our facility in Bend, Oregon reduces handling, lead time, cost and liability for our customers. Therefore, when it comes to delivering larger runs in shorter order, no other company beats Bend Plating’s performance and customer service.

Robotic Polishing

Automated Flat Stock Polishing

Manual Polishing

Grinding and Contouring of Welds Prior to Polishing

Low-temperature Arc Vapor Deposition

for Pre-plated Plastics or Other Temperature Sensitive Substrates


Copper Plating for Zinc Die Casting

Decorative Copper, Nickel, Chrome, 24-karat Gold Plating

Weld Repair

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

featuring Vapor Tech High-Performance Finishes

Performance and Innovation

At Bend Plating, we pride ourselves on performance and innovation

Only one out of 10 metal plating shops across the country offer polishing services. And of the shops that do offer metal polishing services, only about 10% utilize robots and automated polishing techniques. At Bend Plating, we offer manual, robotic, and automated metal polishing services. This sets us apart from other metal processing shops.

Metal finishing adds durability, aesthetic value, and oxidation resistance to any project. We deliver quality service and stunning results for every job. And our specialists will help you choose the best process for your application.

So contact Bend Plating for more information. We can discuss the high-performance nature of the metal plating services we offer and how we can achieve your goals.

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Improve corrosion and wear resistance, and enhance appearance with metal finish services from Bend Plating. Connect with our specialists at Bend Plating to see how we can achieve your metal finishing goals.

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