Setting Trends in Metal Finishes and Metal Finishing Since 1980

Bend Plating started as a four-person plating shop. Eventually, we incorporated automated robotic. Soon after, metal polishing and PVD coatings. From there, we continued to evolve. Today, Bend Plating sets trends in metal finishing across the country. Also, we strive to continually raise the standard of quality for finishing and pride ourselves on performance and innovation.

Only about 10% of shops offering metal polishing use robots and automated techniques. Not surprisingly, automated polishing is faster. Also, it can also be repeated in uniform. So, to get optimal results, we build our own tooling. We also do all of our own programming for our automated polishing robots.

Metal finishing has a variety of benefits that have made it prevalent. For example, metal finishing enhances decorative appearance and extends the lifespan of metal products. It does so by protecting them from corrosion and wear. Another quality of metal finishing is that it increases electrical properties. Therefore, metal finishing for decorative hardware or operational parts offers several advantages.

UV radiation protection

Corrosion, tarnish and wear resistance

Electrical and chemical resistance

Enhanced electrical conductivity

Increased durability and hardness

Enhanced color and brightness

Torque tolerance

Can be plated to metallic and nonmetallic surfaces

All of these individual benefits add up to one larger advantage

An increased lifespan of your products. Metal finishing techniques include electroplating or PVD coatings. By applying metal finishing, you’re increasing the wear resistance of the part. Also, you’re also extending life expectancy. This, in turn, saves you from having to replace these elements as often. And this saves you money in the long run.


Through all of our processes, parts are thoroughly cleaned. This ensures a smooth application and finish. Our finishes include smooth, mirrored, brushed or bead blasted. And we also have several metallic color options based on the finishing your project requires. Choosing PVD coatings gives you a variety of color options. And, new options are always in development at our facility.

So, improve corrosion and wear resistance and enhance appearance with metal finish services from Bend Plating. And contact our specialists to see how we can achieve your finishing goals.

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Improve corrosion and wear resistance, and enhance appearance with metal finish services from Bend Plating. Connect with our specialists at Bend Plating to see how we can achieve your metal finishing goals.

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