Bend Plating Offers Popular Options for Metal Finishing

January 17, 2018
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January 17, 2018 Bend Plating

Bend Plating Offers Popular Options for Metal Finishing

Whether you are working on projects in the automotive, gaming, marine, aviation, medical, dental, or outdoor sporting industry, to name a few, you probably need metal finishing services. Gold, silver, chrome, copper, and nickel can be plated onto any number of applications including plastics. Bend Plating offers the best metal finishing in Bend including PVD coatings and metal polishing services. We even offer robotic and automated polishing services—a rarity in our industry.

Here Are a Few Options for Metal Finishing in Bend

PVD Coatings

Physical vapor deposition (or PVD) coatings can be used to apply a thin layer of metals such as titanium nitride, chromium nitride, titanium aluminum nitride, and zirconium nitride to a surface. These metals can be plated onto a number of metals and plastics. Many industries use PVD coatings to manufacture mechanical instruments, electronic parts, and optical functions. Examples include medical and dental tools, aluminum food packaging, and solar panels. It’s even used for fashion jewelry.

PVD coatings use an environmentally friendly process to increase wear, corrosion, and tarnish resistance for a variety of surfaces. They also increase chemical and electrical resistance and have a low coefficient of friction. Finally, they add UV radiation protection, brilliant color, and brightness. Bend Plating provides PVD coating services for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

Metal Polishing

Metal finishing enhances the aesthetic appearance and increases the lifespan of metal materials. It protects them from wear and corrosion while increasing electrical properties. Metal polishing is merely the last step of the metal finishing process. At Bend Plating we offer two kinds of metal polishing services: manual and automated polishing. Our manual polishing services are perfect for smaller batch items or complicated parts.

For larger projects, Bend Plating offers automated robotic polishing services. Only 10% of metal polishing shops currently offer automated services, and we are proud to be one of them. Robotic polishing is less labor intensive, and more efficient than manual polishing. Automated polishing takes less than half the time of manual polishing, and can produce as much as 100-500 assemblies per week.

Metal Texturing

Bend Plating also offers metal texturing services. Textures add a high-gloss sheen, add a non-slip finish, add a raised surface, or add a custom texture. This is the perfect option for truck beds, grilles, utility hole covers, or braille plaques to name a few. As a result automotive, motorcycle, aviation, marine, gaming, recreational, medical, and musical industries heavily use metal texturing services.

Bend Plating offers metal finishing. Whether you need PVD coatings, metal finishings, or metal plating services, we’re more than happy to help. Contact us for more information about your particular project.

Bend Plating

Bend Plating provides metal coating, plating, finishing, and polishing services for the automotive, marine, medical, dental, outdoor, sporting, aviation, music industries and more. Contact us for an estimate on your commercial project.

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