Is PVD Better than Chrome?

June 3, 2015
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June 3, 2015 Bend Plating

Is PVD Better than Chrome?

PVD is quickly becoming the hottest coating application for wheels, and it is no wonder why.

In addition to being the toughest coating option out there, PVD is also environmentally friendly, adding to PVD’s popularity among chrome wheel manufacturers. By the end of 2015, it is estimated that millions of wheels will have been processed with PVD.

Offering the same desirable shiny appearance as chrome but without the the downsides of chrome plating, many are wondering: Is PVD better than chrome?

While everyone’s needs are unique, we explore why PVD may be the best option for your chrome wheels.

  • PVD coated wheels are lighter.  2-3 lbs lighter than chrome plated wheels, PVD adds no extra weight!
  • All weather, year-round. Unlike with chrome plated wheels, PVD is not affected by magnesium chloride and salt, which is commonly used on roads during the snowy and icy months. These cold weather elements eat away at plated chrome causing it to crack, peel and pit. This is not a concern with PVD.
  • No special maintenance required. While chrome plated wheels need to be removed during the winter and require specific, timely maintenance during the summer, PVD is very low maintenance. Simply clean with soap and water during regular car washes.
  • Easy to repair. Although chrome is difficult and expensive to re-plate, PVD rims can be easily repaired and re-coated. Most wheel manufacturers offer 1-2 year warranties on chrome wheels, while PVD is commonly warrantied for 3+ years.
  • Environmentally friendly. While chrome plating uses toxic chemicals such as hexavalent chromium, PVD is an eco-friendly technology. This means less chemicals being exposed in the air and on the streets. 

PVD coating offers the aesthetic benefits of chrome but with the above benefits of vacuum coating, making it a win-win for chrome wheels.

We also offer PVD coating for both exterior and interior automotive decorative hardware parts as well as operational parts. Ranging from brushed to brilliant, decorative PVD coatings are available in black, brass, gold, chrome, bronze, nickel and copper.

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