What Industries Use Metal Finishing?

May 16, 2018
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May 16, 2018 Bend Plating

What Industries Use Metal Finishing?

metal finishing in oregon

Metal finishing is the process of altering the surface of a metal object to improve its appearance and durability. You likely already know that metal finishing is used in the gaming and automotive industries, but are those the only ones? At Bend Plating, we offer metal finishing in Oregon for several different industries, from the sea to the sky.

Automotive and Performance Motorsports

Metal finishing is used for exterior and interior automotive, motorcycle, aftermarket decorative hardware parts, and operational parts. Decorative metal finishes blend a high-grade appearance with durability for resistance to wear. From luxury exterior automotive trim to operational parts such as exhaust pipes, metal finishing is essential for parts that shine and withstand the test of time.


Metal that spends much of its time in saline water or strong sunlight wears quickly. Metal finishing provides corrosion resistance and UV resistance to protect boats, yachts, and ships. For metal finishing in Oregon, we use stainless steel and chrome plated substrates that feature PVD ultraviolet resistant coatings to protect parts from oxidation.

Medical and Dental

The medical and dental industry require metal finishes that are biocompatible, inert and non-reactive with bodily fluids, bone or tissue. PVD coating can also prolong the lifespan of medical tools due to their high wear resistance.

Outdoor and Sporting

Bike components, golf clubs, and hunting supplies all have specific metal finishing requirements to keep them strong and help them last longer. Metal finishing helps to reduce glare, increase UAV protection, and help components withstand harsh conditions.


Planes and helicopters require metal finishing for trim, latches, handles, and more. Metal finishing is essential for the aviation industry because it increases tarnish resistance and helps vital parts survive the extreme weather conditions of high altitudes.


Many musicians choose to coat their instruments, as metal finishing can improve their aesthetics and functionality. These finishes can provide either consistency in a line of instruments or a distinct look with high luster parts. Bend Plating offers a wide variety of colors for metal finishing in the music industry, including black, brass, bronze, chrome, copper, gold, and nickel.


It’s hard to ignore the lustrous glow of the machines that fill the floors of casinos across the country. Bend Plating is deeply rooted in the gaming industry. In fact, many casinos across Las Vegas utilize decorative metal finishing provided by us on their slot machines. Shadow Nickel, PVD nickel, PVD gold, 24-karat gold, and chrome are all used on gaming parts. Our business has a long-established history of metal finishing for casinos, including chair parts, slot machine parts, architectural parts, and more.

Bend Plating for Metal Finishing in Oregon

We offer metal coating, metal plating, metal polishing, and metal finishing in Oregon for a wide range of industries. If you don’t see yours above, that doesn’t mean we won’t take on your project. Please contact us to receive an estimate for your commercial project.

Bend Plating

Bend Plating provides metal coating, plating, finishing, and polishing services for the automotive, marine, medical, dental, outdoor, sporting, aviation, music industries and more. Contact us for an estimate on your commercial project.

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