Benefits of PVD Coating Medical Tools

October 3, 2018
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October 3, 2018 Bend Plating

Benefits of PVD Coating Medical Tools

PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating can fix a product’s outward appearance while making it more durable. Many industries utilize PVD coating including aerospace, auto, firearms, gaming, medical and dental. Here are a few reasons why PVD coating medical tools enhances the product.

Longer Lasting

A medical or surgical tool plated using the PVD process will make the product last ten times longer than an uncoated device. PVD plating adds a lightweight, yet solid, layer of strong material which takes longer to erode.

Strength and Performance

PVD coating medical tools helps with durability, as the extra plating makes the material harder. A more durable surgical instrument will enhance the device’s performance as there is less chance of denting or chipping.

PVD coating medical tools also helps with lubrication and makes the device more water resistant. Depending on the material coated onto the device, PVD coating medical tools creates a more biocompatible tool that’s nonreactive to bone, bodily fluids, or tissue.


PVD coating can help a surgical tool maintain its blade or edge by improving edge retention, keeping it sharper for longer.


A medical tool can be plated using different colored PVD coating material. This can help differentiate identical tools or classify certain supplies.

PVD Coating Medical Tools | Bend Plating

PVD plating involves a vacuum where, through sputtering, thermal evaporation, or arc vapor deposition, a metallic material coats a product. The best metal coating materials used specifically in the medical industry include titanium nitride, aluminum titanium nitride, chrome nitride, or Alpha (zirconium nitride). The PVD coating process uses gases rather than chemicals, making the PVD process safer for the environment than electroplating.

Examples of medical tools that can benefit from PVD coating include distractors, drills, needles, and device implants in dental applications.

Here at Bend Plating we are well versed in PVD coating medical tools. We use the PVD vacuum coating process for projects big and small. Give us a call to talk about how we can improve products with PVD coating.

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