PVD Coatings


Physical vapor deposition, or PVD, is a vacuum coating process that provides brilliant decorative and functional finishes with a higher wear and corrosion tolerance than traditional electroplating. With significantly higher durability than chrome, and a wide range of colors available, PVD coatings will last longer and provide a more brilliant and durable product.


Due to its durability, hardness, heat and oxidation resistance, PVD is a popular choice in hearth and home, gaming, sports and outdoor, medical and dental, automotive, weapons systems and aerospace industries. With an array of applications, PVD has become increasingly popular in industries requiring more environmentally sound processes, higher corrosion and oxidation resistance and direct application on materials such as stainless steel and titanium, as well as on temperature sensitive substrates and plastics.

By simply altering the preparation, our sophisticated PVD equipment is able to produce either a highly polished decorative finish, bead blasted or a more brushed look in brilliant black, brass, gold, chrome, bronze, nickel and copper, as well as custom colors, while ensuring a consistent and long lasting finish.


A few of the benefits PVD coatings provide include wear and corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, excellent hardness and durability, low maintenance, uniform coating and a brilliant decorative finish. What more could you ask for?

Our PVD, which features Vapor Tech High Performance Finishes and Low Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition, provides Bend Plating the ability to coat high volumes of large or small components or particularly heat sensitive materials in consistent, high quality decorative finishes that enhance the visual and functional performance of a product.

When performance and durability matter, “wear tough” PVD coatings are what you’re looking for. Call the experienced team at Bend Plating for more information about PVD coatings and the physical vapor deposition process.