Metal Plating Performance


Bend Plating, Inc. is one of the only competitive facilities in the US providing metal plating, metal polishing, including robotic polishing, automated flat stock polishing and manual polishing for short runs and prototypes, cosmetic weld contouring and repair, PVD and electroplating all under one roof.

Our unique combination of finishing, polishing and PVD capabilities reduces handling, lead time, cost and liability. When it comes to delivering larger runs in shorter order, no other company beats Bend Plating’s performance and customer service.


  • Robotic Polishing
  • Automated Flat Stock Polishing
  • Manual Polishing
  • Grinding and Contouring of Welds Prior to Polishing
  • Weld Repair
  • Texturing
  • Copper Plating for Zinc Die Casting
  • Decorative Copper, Nickel, Chrome, 24-karat Gold Plating
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) featuring Vapor Tech High Performance Finishes
  • Low Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition for Pre-plated Plastics or Other Temperature Sensitive Substrates

Since 1980, Bend Plating has taken the necessary initiative to deliver on performance and quality.


At Bend Plating, we pride ourselves on performance and innovation. Approximately one out of 10 metal plating shops offer polishing services. Of the shops that do offer metal polishing services, only about 10% of shops use robots and automated polishing techniques. At Bend Plating, we offer manual, robotic and automated metal polishing services, which sets us apart from other metal processing shops.

We build our own tooling for the automated robots at Bend Plating. Additionally, we do all of our own programming to teach the robots to polish the parts. Automated polishing is faster than a person manually polishing metal and the process can be repeated the same way automatically. Specially designed and programmed robots add to the innovative nature and high quality performance of products plated and polished at Bend Plating.

Contact Bend Plating for more information about the high performance nature of the metal plating services we have available.