Metal Polishing


Bend Plating employs robotic, manual and automatic metal polishing processes allowing us to competitively match your needs. From hand polishing for products with complex geometry requiring detailed craftsmanship, to robotic polishing for large orders that need an easy to replicate decorative finish, Bend Plating has the right polishing solutions.


By offering robotic polishing services, Bend Plating stands above the competition. Only about 10% of finishing shops offer automatic polishing with programmed robots. Bend Plating designed many of our metal polishing machines and we build all of the tooling necessary for each machine. Additionally, at Bend Plating, we do all of our own programming to teach the robots how to polish the parts. Automated metal polishing has distinct advantages, including:

  • Polishing done by robots takes less time than manually by humans
  • Robots can complete smooth or grain finishes
  • Parts polished by robots are checked and touched up manually after the process to ensure the highest quality
  • Manual polishing is labor intensive; automatic metal polishing cuts down on physical manpower and labor costs
  • Very large or complex part geometry is well suited for robotic polishing
  • Pre-programming robots for metal polishing allows the process to be repeated the same way for every part consistently


Not only do a small percentage of finishing shops offer automatic polishing, but few offer metal polishing in general. Manual polishing has a variety of advantages. For parts with complicated geometry and design, using manual polishing services by real people may be a better option because of the human attention to detail.

Manual polishing is ideal for prototype finishing and small volume jobs that are not well suited to automated polishing systems.

All of our polishing projects, whether manual or automatic, are touched up and checked manually to guarantee the highest quality possible. Manufacturers looking for stunning finishes that increase durability and corrosion resistance should consider metal polishing from Bend Plating due to our thorough and detailed processes, both automatic and manual.

Bend Plating has the expertise to ensure each project’s needs are met — from project initiation through production and delivery.

When performance and details matter, give the experienced team at Bend Plating a call for all of your metal polishing needs. We’ll help you decide whether automatic or manual polishing is best for your prototype, short run, or large run project.