Metal Finishing


Since 1980, Bend Plating has been a leader in the metal finishing industry. From our beginnings as a four-person plating shop, to the eventual incorporation of automated robotic metal polishing and PVD coatings, Bend Plating has evolved with trends in metal finishing. At Bend Plating, we’ve raised the standard of quality for metal finishing.

Metal finishing has a variety of benefits that have made it a prevalent practice. It enhances decorative appearance, expands the lifespan of metal products by protecting them from corrosion and wear and increases electrical properties. It alters the surface of metal parts and products to enhance:


  • Chemical resistance
  • Electrical conductivity and resistance
  • Reflectivity
  • Hardness
  • Appearance and design aesthetics
  • Brightness and color

All of these individual benefits add up to one larger advantage – increased lifespan of metal and plastic parts and products. By applying metal finishing techniques, be it electroplating or PVD coatings, you’re increasing the wear resistance of the metal part and extending the life expectancy. Extending the lifespan of metal or plastic parts and products saves you from having to replace these elements as often, which in turn saves you money in the long run.

Through all of our processes, parts are thoroughly cleaned to ensure a smooth application and finish. Bend Plating offers finishes that are smooth, mirrored, brushed or bead blasted for the specific customization you desire. Depending on the type of metal finishing you select, different metallic color options are available. Choosing PVD coatings give you a variety of color options, with more always in development at Bend Plating.

Improve corrosion and wear resistance, enhance design and appearance with metal finish services from Bend Plating. Contact Bend Plating for more information. Our experienced team can help you choose the right process for your specific project.