Electroplating is an electrochemical process for depositing a thin layer of metal on a metallic base. Objects can be electroplated to avoid corrosion and obtain a hard surface with an attractive decorative finish.

Over the years Bend Plating has become an expert in decorative and functional electroplating – after all, we were founded as a custom plating shop. We can be counted on for large volume finishes over brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, zinc and plastics.


This distinct style of metal plating has a variety of advantages as a metal finish, including:

  • Gives parts and products an attractive finish and enhances the aesthetic value
  • Makes the surface of parts harder and more durable
  • Thicker coatings are available as opposed to PVD coatings
  • Selective masking is generally easier
  • Products that have been undergone this process have more corrosion resistant properties
  • The protective outer layer is shiny and rust-resistant
  • Increases the lifespan of metal parts and products

The process can be done on products in a variety of industries. From slot machine faces and decorative parts to high-end luxury watches and smartphones, electroplating has many different applications, but achieves a durable and attractive effect in any instance.

Our finishes include decorative copper, nickel, chrome, 24-karat gold and post-electroplating PVD. Post-electroplating PVD opens up a variety of finish colors not available during the electroplating process. Our team is constantly experimenting and working to develop new PVD colors, both metallic and more traditional. Read more about PVD coatings and contact Bend Plating for more information on colors currently available.

With hundreds of years combined experience in electroplating, Bend Plating has the expertise to complete visually stunning projects that are also durable and corrosion resistant. Contact Bend Plating for an estimate and more information about electroplating.